Saturday, February 5, 2011



PHOENIX, Arizona - Winter 2011 has been interesting, to say the least. The photos and video showing the mass of abandoned, snow-covered cars on Lakeshore Drive brought back chilly memories of days gone by. I tried but still can't recall any good memories of playing golf in winter. Even the most ardent of golfers can't play in snow. Probably not too many taking golf lessons either. In South Florida, where I now live, winter has stretched it's icy fingers to cause more than a few cancelled tee times. PGA Tour golfers teeing it up in this week's Phoenix Open woke to early morning temps in the twenties. Maybe the Packers and Steelers fans who traveled to Dallas for tomorrow's Super Bowl are right at home in the snow but I'm certain no one else in Texas shares that feeling. More than once I've heard the term "Storm of Historic Proportions" on The Weather Channel. The scariest part is that it's only the beginning of February.

I received an email that I'd like to share. It was written by a woman who read this blog.

I am all about "over the top"!  If you would see my swing you would understand ... I spend several weeks every spring trying to reduce the loop, but invariably it's back by August ... I'm blaming it all on Pittsburgh ... I grew up in lowa, where it's relatively flat and the wind is always blowing, and I naturally gravitated to hitting a low draw/hook, and that served me pretty well ... then I moved to Pittsburgh after college ... Pittsburgh is very hilly and not as windy, and my low right-to-left shots kept rolling into the rough, no matter how I aimed them ... so I spent 3 years teaching myself to hit a fade instead, and that helped my game a lot ... unfortunately, it would seem that I taught myself incorrectly, and I created the fade by introducing a loop at the top of my swing ... years later, and living in different sates (back to IA, then SC, and now MO) and my swing still has the loop ... and now I hear about someone (OVER THE TOP GOLF) who has created a golf swing method that (based on the name, at least) is perfect for my swing ... it's fate, I tell you ... FATE!

I love receiving emails from enthusiastic people. In case you are wondering whether the OVER THE TOP GOLF DVD turned out to be the answer to the woman's prayers, the answer is "NO" because she never ordered it. Maybe now that it is available, she will buy the OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional eBook. Or not.

So much for fate.


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