Saturday, October 6, 2012


The OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional eBook is here!!

FORT PIERCE, Florida - For the last few years, golfers from all over the world have had to buy my DVD in order to learn the great OVER THE TOP GOLF swing method. Even though I'm proud to say that I have sold hundreds of them, I can't help but feel that the prospect of having to wait for the item in the mail probably turned many potential customers away. Today all of that changes because you can now begin your journey to golfing happiness in the next five minutes. The OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional eBook is here!!
It didn't take long for my first student to show up. Steve was kind enough to send the following email:
Hi Frankie--
I just watched the e-book. It is a clear presentation of the swing and a nice complement to the DVD.
I picked up a few pointers that weren't clear in the DVD--it appears one has much freedom choosing grip, lead arm vs. trail arm, power, etc.
For short game pitches/swings do you use an OTT swing at a certain distance (say beyond 40 yds?)
I would be interested in your approach to your sand game and chipping.
Thanks for the new product--I'll let you know how the journey continues.
Take care--
I created the OVER THE TOP GOLF eBook because it presents my golf swing method more clearly than the video does. Through simple drawings with narratives, the student can easily understand the mechanics of this simple golf swing. Many people have called it unconventional but everyone seems to agree that it works. I hope that you will take this effective yet inexpensive step toward improving your golf swing. And just like Steve, please feel welcome to let me know how YOUR journey goes.
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