Sunday, June 30, 2013


Give yourself a golf lesson. No, really.... 

FORT PIERCE, Florida - During the past few years there haven’t been many new and original approaches to golf instruction. OVER THE TOP GOLF is an exception. I created a new way to #swing a golf club that works wonders for all levels of golfers. In fact, I’ve heard it described as a magic wand that can transform hackers into legitimate players. There isn’t enough magic in that wand to make a 20 handicap start playing at scratch, however, improvement is always relative to the subject and his or her desire to play better. Golf presents all sorts of different challenges from wind to water that test both our patience and our confidence. Most of us seem content to play within our limitations rather than take steps to improve. Golf is, after all, just a game, right? Who cares about long and straight?

At some point in time, those of us who become so frustrated or embarrassed by our own performance on the course take the necessary steps to effect change. That means, of course, taking lessons. I loathe describing OVER THE TOP GOLF as a lesson because the word “lesson” conjures up visions of hard, diligent work. From the piano lessons many of us tolerated as children to the golf lessons we endure as adults, the word just has nasty connotations. As kids, we had no choice but as grown-ups, we are free to suck at golf, playing piano or any other damn thing we want to suck at.

OK, I’ll admit that OVER THE TOP GOLF is a golf lesson but it’s just one! Imagine a piano teacher who opened up a whole new world of music to you in just one lesson. That’s what I do - except with the golf swing. Believe it or not, playing golf is a whole lot easier than playing piano even though it sometimes feels like hitting a golf ball long and straight is a more difficult task than jumping over the moon.

The reason I entitled this article “Give Yourself a Golf Lesson” has nothing to do with masochism nor is it as stupid as it sounds. Your own golf swing, the core elements of it anyway, will remain intact after you learn OVER THE TOP GOLF. The same grip, the same swing path and the same fast or slow tempo + the five set-up changes of OVER THE TOP GOLF will regenerate your golf  swing. Your tee shots will be longer, your irons straighter. But the best part is, once you learn OVER THE TOP GOLF and incorporate it into your existing foundation; you’ll literally be able to give yourself a golf lesson anytime you need one!
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