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TAMPA, Florida - Letters from new friends are most welcome. Especially those where you can feel the positive energy. I have noticed that more women golfers are ordering my golf instruction DVD as of late. I hope that some of the articles in this blog had something to do with it; or perhaps good old word-of-mouth. Is the OVER THE TOP GOLF method the best swing for women?  Everybody should learn this golf swing.
The picture above this article shows the follow-through of a woman golfer. She is young, limber and has been coached since a very young age. Regardless if you are male or female, whether you have had some golf instruction or not, chances are you can not reach the position shown in the photo. That's why there's OVER THE TOP GOLF. Not only can you now forget everything you were supposed to remember to do in your golf swing - you can also forget about having to count any higher than four or five because pars and birdies are what's in store for you.

Hello Frankie C,

I purchased the OTTGS DVD about two weeks ago and my long game is improving with the swing mechanics in the DVD. However, my short game which was decent, has faltered as I am trying to incorporate the five setup changes into chipping and pitching. I don't use my old short game mechanics as I am afraid I will lose my new long game swing. I couldn't find any discussion of the short game in your Blog. Do you have any short game tips? I would certainly appreciate any ideas.

Thank you,

David Okasaki
Age: 68
Index: 17.2


Hi David,

The OVER THE TOP GOLF swing is beneficial for the full swings. Chipping and pitching, however, seem to fall into the same category as putting, at least for me.

The most successful short game strategy is to rely on mechanics and if you had a solid short game, there's no reason to change anything about it. If, for example, I want to play a bump and run shot to a green. I wouldn't do my OTG finish for that shot, I play it as most do, weight left, hands forward, shoulders only, crisp contact and, above all, never look up!

So, I guess as a result of your letter I'll be writing a short game article very soon. Mind if I use your letter in it? Other than that, I'm so glad to hear how OVER THE TOP GOLF has helped improve your game. Feel free to write anytime, David.

With my best regards, as always,

Frankie C


David consented to let me publish his letter for which I thank him very much. I want more of you to learn this golf swing, whether you need to cure a slice or not. My reprinting it in this article follows the happiness I felt knowing someone else is now hitting a golf ball further and straighter than before.

The reason is because his new golf instruction from OVER THE TOP GOLF has freed his brain from all the mind-numbing lessons of his past.


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