Saturday, April 30, 2011


NASSAU, The Bahamas - During 2008, OVER THE TOP GOLF began offering our golf instruction DVD to golfers looking for game improvement. Now, of course, you can learn my golf swing method via the OVER THE TOP GOLF eBook. As with most start-ups, word began spreading slowly about this new and as it is sometimes called, radical golf swing. Things began picking up in 2009 but it wasn't until 2010 that we sold a respectable number of videos. Now that my golf swing optimization method has been in the hands of a number of golfers, I am hoping to hear more positive stories of score and handicap improvements as well as tournament wins. Nothing is so gratifying as hearing how a 30 handicap golfer, along with his 30 handicap brother-in-law won the club's member-guest tournament using the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing.

Recently, a local golf pro mentioned to me that Tom Watson sold 25,000 golf instruction DVDs last year. "Good for Tom, was my response, and good for me, too." When the pro asked what was meant by my comment I replied "If Tom Watson can sell 25,000 DVDs then I should be able to sell 50,000, at the very least." Naturally, he looked puzzled so I elucidated further.

"Ninety percent of the golfers out here have exactly zero chance of swinging a golf club like Tom Watson but virtually all of them can start crushing the ball immediately with the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. There are thousands of amateurs who have golf lesson videos gathering dust on a shelf. Sure, you may pick up a few helpful hints by watching Tom Watson's DVD but no one can configure their golf swing to resemble his - or more importantly, to perform like his. OVER THE TOP GOLF is different because it starts with the most solid foundation - your own swing. By learning the five set-up changes, your game - and life as you know it - will be transformed into something resembling paradise."

The golf pro thought about it and, instead of rolling his eyes, made a humorous remark that I'll never forget. " I'm a believer. Here is the twenty I owe you from our Nassau". And as he walked away he said "I'll make sure to tell Tom Watson to watch his back."


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