Wednesday, December 4, 2013


FORT PIERCE, Florida - Some time back I invited golfers who purchased the OVER THE TOP GOLF® instructional eBook to write about their experience with my golf swing method. Seems there aren't many writers out there but now and then someone does take the time to share their thoughts, In fact, Steve's first email simply said "How much do you charge to review a video of me using your swing?" To which I replied "No charge." Then I received this very nice letter from him.

I went to the range today after viewing your e-book several times. Golfers who are looking for mechanics, grip, swing planes, multitude of swing thoughts may not know what to do with your eBook. It is the antithesis of typical golf instruction--It is an extremely liberating swing--there is no paralysis by analysis--if you are thinking much at all, you are approaching it the wrong way. Go at it the way you want to instinctively hit the ball without holding back(but were told/read that that isn't "correct)'--the ball doesn't care.

The swing allows me to go after the ball without hesitation-one can hit very solid shots with this  over the top swing--the key is walking through the ball--it will also release any pressure on the lower back. Most shots were straight or a mild draw. Most misses were left/some hooks--more a function of figuring out alignment. But these were for the most part solid hits as well.

Most golfers have this swing in them already and know how to do it--golf instructors feel its their job to exorcise it from one's blueprint. If you are frustrated with all of the info out there, let Frankie show you how to do it .Several years ago, the Natural Golf company was on the scene--I tried making it work but it never felt natural at all. The OTT swing is the REAL natural golf swing- its the easiest way to hit a ball. (I have tried a multitude of methods).Thanks ,Frankie for sharing your ideas with us all so we may enjoy this great game. - Steve Fink, Safety Harbor, Florida

PS--I threw out my "other' golf instruction DVDs, etc. Your OTT swing is my game--it will get better as I'm more comfortable with it. Certainly didn’t play any better taking lessons/practicing/etc. with other methods. This is way more fun.
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