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LAKE TAHOE, Nevada - Why is this man smiling? Well, being rich and famous might have something to do with it. Or, perhaps, he's delusional.

Most everyone recognizes former world-class athlete and current television personality Charles Barkley. They say he's a very nice person. But he's also passionate about golf  which is a sport that he unfortunately sucks at. His golf swing has been widely ridiculed for years yet Charles just keeps on grinning. Last week at the annual American Century celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe, Sir Charles finished dead last in 80th place. In 2011's tournament he finished 81st in a field of 83. 2010 wasn't much brighter as Barkley once again finished in last place. I say "once again" because, as a matter of fact, Charles has managed to check in either last or very near the bottom in every American Century celebrity golf tournament since 1997. It's obvious that Tahoe is a place where he wants to play respectably so again I have to ask, why is this man smiling?

A few years ago there was a television series that starred Sir Charles and golf instructor Hank Haney who would teach the big fella the right way to swing a golf club. Although at the time, the show must have seemed like a good idea to Hank, the experiment was a dismal failure as evidenced by Charles' continued mediocrity. In fact, another of Haney's pupils who starred in a follow-up show, actor Ray Romano, also managed to stink up the course at the American Century tournament finishing in 64th place. The upside to these debacles is the harsh light that was cast on time-honored teaching principles that revealed how inadequate they are for the majority of amateur golfers.

OVER THE TOP GOLF is a method created for people like Charles Barkley. I have written about him before hoping to catch his eye. But should any golf instructor chance becoming publicly involved with him at this point? It was obvious from the television show that Charles really worked hard, that he "wanted it." If a famous teacher like Hank Haney couldn't fix Barkley's dreadful swing, what  chance would I have?

Well folks, I'm here to tell you it would be a piece of cake - a layup if you will pardon the basketball analogy. Next year at Tahoe, Charles could leapfrog fellow former NBA great Michael Jordan and a whole bunch of other jocks into the top 20 by learning my simple method for hitting them long and straight.

At this point in the article, especially if you've seen Mr. Barkley's golf swing, you might be thinking it's me who is delusional. Fair enough but if all goes according to plan and Charles becomes a student of OVER THE TOP GOLF, at long last there will be a reasonable answer to the question "why is this man smiling?"

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TURNBERRY, South Ayrshire KA26, UK - What a difference in attitudes we have from the British. When you think of some of golf's most vibrant personalities, the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh are well represented. And it's not just the Woosies and the Westwoods. The ladies - Laura Davies comes right to mind - also bring that keenness and self-deprecating carriage to the golf course and beyond. Well, move over Darren Clarke, Luke Donald and Ian Poulter and make some room for newest OVER THE TOP GOLF player Brian Boyson.

Last week, one of my golf instructional DVDs went over to Great Britain. Not an unusual happenstance but this particular copy landed in the post office box of one Brian Boyson who, after viewing it, took the golf lesson to the driving range and turned into someone else altogether. Formerly struggling with his golf game, Brian found himself possessed with a strength and confidence he hadn't known in a long while. Now his golf stock is rising because of the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing and the enthusiasm it took to incorporate it into his own. The five set-up changes empowered Brian, let him feel the torque that could be generated by using his body. And Brian was sure to let me know all about it. Not once but in three separate correspondences!

I have just tried your over the top swing on the practice area, WOW!! how good was that!! been so frustrated this past couple of years so can not wait to take it onto the course tomorrow//will report on progress , many thanks, 
yours brian

Hi Frankie,
played yesterday with mixed results as my old swing did creep in on occasions , however i stayed with it and am well pleased.
looking forward to next round which i expect to improve as i get more confident.   
yours brian.

Hi Frankie,
practising your otg swing again today!!   must say i am very impressed, even used it on short game 35 to 50 yards worked a treat, so much more to learn about this the mind boggles///i really hope i can take this onto the golf course as soon as the weather permits as we are having an awful summer this year in uk .  i have adapted your principles to suit my swing and have every expectation of lowering my scores very soon to where it used to be. 
yours brian.

Brian Boyson has elevated his his golf game and his expectations, He now returns to a better version of the golfer he once was, able to hit longer, straighter tee shots and zero in on pins with laser-like accuracy. His enthusiasm is infectious. Yes, I created the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing and, as I hope you will also come to know, once you've learned it, you don't need to practice any more. But all of a sudden I also feel like going out to the driving range. Thanks, Brian. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Tally ho!


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