Friday, December 24, 2010


NORTH POLE, CHRISTMAS 2010 - The golf season at the North Pole is short so people like Santa, his elves and others from here are very poor golfers. No matter how much they want to, becoming proficient at the game presents the same obstacles year after year. Everyone's got that over the top golf swing. How can one learn a proper swing in the course of a month–and-a-half golf season? And businesses that cater to golfers are rarer than scores in the 80s in these parts. Consumers don’t have a great need to update their golf lessons and equipment other than stocking up on those orange Top Flites. Poor Santa Claus had reached his wits end.

Most people have conflicts involving business and family. That wasn’t the case with Santa. There’s Mrs. Claus, of course, but her interests by now are mostly trying to manage Santa’s cholesterol. And his work year basically consists of one day. Well, one madcap evening to be precise. You don’t really think it was him who answered your letter in 1962 do you? No, Santa really should be a scratch player but for the ice and snow.

Most golf instructors are reluctant to travel 3,000 miles for a 45 day golf season so lessons here are practically non-existent. Santa, however, manages to fit a twilight lesson in on Christmas Day at Doral before the reindeer whisk him back to the chilly north. Therein lies St. Nick’s problem. Many of the elves residing at the North Pole are self-taught golfers but they routinely kick Santa’s ass. Every year his trip back home from sunny Miami is filled with optimism at how he would soon squash each and every one of those elves and take their money at the 19th hole. Talk about visions of sugar plums dancing in your head….

But alas, each year saw the same result. Mrs. Claus admonishing Santa for losing his hard-earned cookies and milk to those pesky and opportunistic elves. “The golf lessons are too difficult” he would cry out. “They are asking a 350 lb. man to swing inside out, impact the ball with a square clubface and finish in perfect balance on my left side.”

Well guess what? Santa discovered the secret to the elves’ domination. The mystery of how a bunch of dwarfs were able to consistently get into the big guy’s pocket was known as the Over The Top Golf swing . Santa, along with about a half-million hackers throughout the world, had wandered right past the solution to all of their golf-swing problems. The ability to walk confidently up to the tee and smack a long drive straight down the fairway was now in the bag and man, would he make those elves pay.

It was Mrs. Claus who learned about Over The Top Golf from a child’s letter. The youngster had learned the Over The Top Golf swing, began shooting under par and was asking for a new set of Mizunos so he could pursue his dream of playing on the PGA Tour. Santa discovered that, by employing just five set-up changes, he could use his own swing to achieve great results on the links. And of course, by now, his handicap was up to a hefty 30 strokes.

The elves never had a chance.


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Friday, December 17, 2010



BEVERLY HILLS, California - How many different ways can there possibly be to swing a golf club? Yesterday I learned that there's a man who knows every golf technique including the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. His library literally overflows with knowledge of anything and everything to do with swinging a golf club. In addition to the myriad of books and other golf publications, the number of VCR and DVD golf lessons he owns is impressive.

Over the years his handicap remained stagnant at around 12. A lack of distance off the tee severely limited his scoring opportunities. His talent for putting and a decent short game were all that kept him from becoming a bogey golfer or worse.

So on this fine afternoon, after watching the OVER THE TOP GOLF DVD, he went out to his yard as he had done before so many times. But on this occasion, although he didn't know why, he felt empowered, like he could make the golf ball do his bidding. He remembers it being an almost religious experience, similar to seeing a bright light before dying. As he strode confidently out to his home made teeing area to hit some balls, he didn't seem to fully recognize his surroundings, particularly what lay ahead of him. He surely knew that the twin pine trees down the right side of the field were still 150 yards away but they seemed a lot closer - and not quite as tall as before. Then there was the rocky creek that bisected the pasture. Why did it all of a sudden seem so much closer?

Ever since he became determined to learn to play good golf it's been one thing after another. Lessons with PGA pros, golf schools, instructional video, etc. Like a lot of us, he felt as if he was being pulled in different directions. There were so many conflicting accounts of which golf swing was best, which one would fix a slice, which one will cure a hook....

Today was different, he thought, because of the guy on the OVER THE TOP GOLF instruction DVD who told him all he needed was to keep his own comfortable swing, add five set up changes, and he'd start hitting consistently straight golf shots that flew lower and rolled farther.

The letter went on to describe how quickly the good shots started happening. He was having so much fun that his wife and kids had to drag him back to the house sometime just before midnight. He was tired but delirious. As they pulled off his golf shoes he went on about how all of his range balls were in the middle of the field. And as he closed his eyes that night, he realized that all of his prayers had finally been answered. Since he couldn't learn to correct his over the top swing, he went ahead and learned how to do it right.


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Wednesday, December 8, 2010



TAMPA, Florida - Letters from new friends are most welcome. Especially those where you can feel the positive energy. I have noticed that more women golfers are ordering my golf instruction DVD as of late. I hope that some of the articles in this blog had something to do with it; or perhaps good old word-of-mouth. Is the OVER THE TOP GOLF method the best swing for women?  Everybody should learn this golf swing.
The picture above this article shows the follow-through of a woman golfer. She is young, limber and has been coached since a very young age. Regardless if you are male or female, whether you have had some golf instruction or not, chances are you can not reach the position shown in the photo. That's why there's OVER THE TOP GOLF. Not only can you now forget everything you were supposed to remember to do in your golf swing - you can also forget about having to count any higher than four or five because pars and birdies are what's in store for you.

Hello Frankie C,

I purchased the OTTGS DVD about two weeks ago and my long game is improving with the swing mechanics in the DVD. However, my short game which was decent, has faltered as I am trying to incorporate the five setup changes into chipping and pitching. I don't use my old short game mechanics as I am afraid I will lose my new long game swing. I couldn't find any discussion of the short game in your Blog. Do you have any short game tips? I would certainly appreciate any ideas.

Thank you,

David Okasaki
Age: 68
Index: 17.2


Hi David,

The OVER THE TOP GOLF swing is beneficial for the full swings. Chipping and pitching, however, seem to fall into the same category as putting, at least for me.

The most successful short game strategy is to rely on mechanics and if you had a solid short game, there's no reason to change anything about it. If, for example, I want to play a bump and run shot to a green. I wouldn't do my OTG finish for that shot, I play it as most do, weight left, hands forward, shoulders only, crisp contact and, above all, never look up!

So, I guess as a result of your letter I'll be writing a short game article very soon. Mind if I use your letter in it? Other than that, I'm so glad to hear how OVER THE TOP GOLF has helped improve your game. Feel free to write anytime, David.

With my best regards, as always,

Frankie C


David consented to let me publish his letter for which I thank him very much. I want more of you to learn this golf swing, whether you need to cure a slice or not. My reprinting it in this article follows the happiness I felt knowing someone else is now hitting a golf ball further and straighter than before.

The reason is because his new golf instruction from OVER THE TOP GOLF has freed his brain from all the mind-numbing lessons of his past.


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin - Are you looking for a great junior golf program? Very young golf students need to be taught in a different manner than older players.

An eight year-old kid asked me to give him a golf lesson so he could play a few holes on a golf course last weekend. After showing him the Over The Top Golf set-up, I gave the kid a Rising Star pitching wedge and pointed at the red flag. A few minutes later he was hitting decent looking shots over the top of it. That’s one way to learn golf.

Results such as that make the process of teaching golf more fun. Using media such as video seems more in tune with today’s kids. It’s another way to learn golf.

If you have a good personality and sufficient knowledge, then as a teacher the odds of success increase dramatically. The simple act of picking one cleanly struck golf shot is a triumph in a kid’s first golf lesson. Just being able to consistently get the ball in the air may be a challenge but soon the innate talent within begins to assert itself.

Right away, young students will learn several easy pitching wedge shots to enhance the experience and encourage growth. Video or online golf lessons designed by a knowledgeable golf teacher can be more effective and cost a lot less than poor private lessons. And your DVD is always nearby for a quick refresher when needed.

Obviously there are some exceptions to the rule. Golf great Bobby Jones never had formal lessons. His instruction was watching the golf swing of the club pro. Most kids would benefit from proper golf instruction from the start.

There is more to discuss on this subject and I also have much to learn. Most junior golf programs are on the right track – others not so much. Perhaps you are interested in golf lessons for adults or general golf lessons for beginners over golf lessons for kids. Take a look at this article: FIND GOLF LESSONS THAT SUIT Y-O-U.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010


FORT PIERCE, Florida - December 4th marks the first birthday of The Over The Top Golf Blog, my vehicle for delivering news, anecdotes, interesting stories and other information to you. Even though my primary objective is providing golf swing instruction, much of the content appearing here is of a whimsical nature. Realizing that people are basically creatures of habit, the fact that I haven't sold a million DVDs during the past year isn't a big surprise. Like a preacher delivering his sermon, I hope that you will benefit from this terrific golf swing method called Over The Top Golf. Yes, I also pass a collection plate because we all need to thrive. My greatest satisfaction, however, is your redemption.

In order to convert golfers from restrictive conventional-type swings to the more freewheeling Over The Top Golf swing, I need willing participants. Unlike the preacher, however, who admonishes us for our bad habits, I encourage you to celebrate them!

If you have had a faulty grip for the last twenty years, it's obvious that's what's most comfortable. Not to sound completely ridiculous, but you are the absolute best in the world at that uniquely bad grip. It is your individual strong point.

Golfers who have an outside-in golf swing or "over the top" also possess an effective weapon that, by virtue of your being able to do it so well, is another one of those strong points. My golf swing was, and still is chock full of "what-not-to-do's" so coming up with a swing that actually exploits and takes advantage of the raw power of a big, old over the top swing was imperative.

During 2011 I will continue to focus on the two things I do best, hitting great golf shots using the Over The Top Golf swing and writing articles about it. I won't sell a million golf instruction DVDs next year either so why do I continue to be so passionate about it? There's a difference between becoming a good golfer through learning and achieving similar results because of something I created myself. I am proud of this swing, entertained when people comment after seeing it in person and, most of all,  love having a golf swing I don't have to practice.
Please click on any of the titles from 2010 to read the articles. Along with my sales pitch, you'll find entertaining and informative stuff in all of them. Hope to see some of my students on the golf course or at the range. Don't worry, if you are swinging a golf club, I'll know who you are.


practice what I preach


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