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FORT PIERCE, Florida - It's interesting to me when one of my online golf students comes up with a question about my OVER THE TOP GOLF  instruction method that I hadn't thought of before. As uncomplicated a golf swing as could possibly be, what more - after almost five years of demonstrating this lesson - could somebody ask that had never been brought to my attention? I'd been certain that my e-Book - with its drawings, action frames and narrative - leaves no uncertainty.  But the letter I have printed, with my student's permission, does just that. I was laughing while reading his description of how other golfers would react to his new-found golf swing. Now that one I've heard before. And finally, Terry's comment about the increase in club head speed became the title of this article. He really hit it on the screws with that one!
Dear Frankie C,
Just purchased your e-book instruction last week. Have been outside just “dry swinging” and can see how this will increase clubhead speed without extra effort. I want to make sure I can actually hit the ball before exposing this on the course. It is certainly something that will make ordinary golfers look at you like you’re crazy, especially if you do not have a decent result. Anyway I have tried many books and videos over the years and this is merely one more thing I am trying. I am 68 and find myself with the problem many seniors have, a loss of distance so I am hoping this will at the very least maximize the clubhead speed I am able to generate.
The only problem with the e-lesson is that it is difficult to see some things in a sketch. In trying the swing I am finding that when I walk through the swing I find that my left foot wants to pivot on the ball of the foot in order to maintain balance as the right leg comes through the step. This works fine in tennis shoes but I am wondering about golf shoes trying to pivot like that with spikes on. Am I feeling the correct sensation in the left foot or should I be doing something with the left foot that I am not?

Hope this makes sense and look forward to your reply,

Terry Gabhart, Pleasureville, Kentucky
Well, Terry, it makes perfect sense that you'd question whether the front spikes of your left golf shoe could get hung up in the turf. I  tried to mimic that dynamic (keeping the ball of my left foot planted while trying to walk through the shot.) I almost pulled every ligament in my left foot! Just yesterday I noticed Tiger Woods taking a huge rip at a ball in the rough. It was such a hard swing that his momentum brought his right foot around. His walk-through motion was the exactly what you do when using the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing and, of course, he pivoted on the ball of his left foot as he initiated his walking motion.

I wrote back that the torque provided by the rotational and forward movement of the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing would allow him to pivot through the turf as if he were wearing his tennies. No worries, Terry.

Photograph courtesy of Gizmodo

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