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LOS ANGELES, California - What OVER THE TOP GOLF does is give amateur golfers a golf instruction method by which they are guaranteed, at the very least, to perform the most important part of the golf swing correctly. The role of your torso is to provide power through rotation and weight transfer. The roles of your other body parts, regardless of how much golf teachers emphasize wrist cocks, delayed hits and the like, are merely supplemental. Improper weight shift is a distance killer. Many excellent players have what could be considered bad golf grips but all great golfers use their torsos properly. At a minimum, after learning the OVER THE TOP GOLF method, this is something you will have in common with them - even if you are a 30 handicap.

Pick up any book about golf instruction. Online you can find even more places to learn about the golf swing. One common thread you'll find is an emphasis on weight transfer and the rotation of the body. It should be the basis of your golf swing and is the foundation of OVER THE TOP GOLF.  writes "The body’s most important movement in the swing is torso rotation."

Many golfers have serious swing flaws like an  improper weight shift, for instance. In a conventional golf swing, as your body turns, the weight should transfer from your right side to your left side. If a golfer has a tendency to hang back on the right side, as many amateur players do, torso rotation is interrupted. Now you don't have to worry about it. Learn the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing and your problem is solved. Trust me - you will automatically transfer your weight properly. And you'll be absolutely amazed by the difference.

"It is interesting that, in analyzing the physics of a golf swing, we see that the arms and wrists play a somewhat passive role, and yet a powerful hit results. So where does the swing energy come from? It comes from the muscles in the torso and shoulders which swiftly rotate the golfer's arms and club through the swing."

The preceding quotation is from the highly technical article in which the golf swing is analyzed, dissected and discussed in very specific detail. In addition to mathematical formulas that only Sir Isaac Newton could understand, there are many interesting theories explained in layman's terms. Well, not really but take a look for yourself. Remember folks, the optimal release angle to uncock your wrists is θo = 55-60°.

no math required

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