Friday, June 24, 2011


Charles Barkley - The Great White Whale

NEW BEDFORD, Massachusetts - Yes, "The Great White Whale" is an unusual description for Charles Barkley. Although I do think he's great; although not so much his golf swing, Charlie obviously is not caucasian nor am I implying that he's fat - so why the moniker?

As fans of American literature know, aboard the whaling schooner Pequod, Captain Ahab's greatest quest was for the Great White Whale, Moby Dick. There were plenty of other whales in the sea but for Ahab there was but a single purpose for the voyage - hunting down and killing the White Whale.

The hunt by Ahab for the White Whale has become a metaphor for every man's greatest quest. For a golf instructor that would be Charles Barkley. As in Melville's novel where it seemed that neither Ahab nor any other ship captain from Nantucket would ever harpoon and subdue Moby Dick, the likelihood of anyone straightening out Barkley's golf swing is just as remote. But for the teacher who somehow fulfills this destiny and shows Charlie the path to future fairways,  his fortunes would change dramatically. Think Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are flush? Their wealth would pale against the riches of whomever manages to unravel the mystery of Barkley's ineptitude on the golf course.

A few days ago, I Twittered Charles Barkley that I'd like to use him for one of my advertisements - in particular, a photograph of the shocked look on his face after he drills a long, straight drive with his very first OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. It will depict amazement; it will show relief, and it would profit me greatly. Because unlike  Captain Ahab who ultimately perished, I will have succeeded in landing the Great White Whale.

it's a whale of golf swing
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Monday, June 20, 2011


BETHESDA, Maryland - Congratulations to young Rory McIlroy for his historic US Open win this weekend. An interesting comment from announcer Johnny Miller was that McIlroy has the best golf swing of any pro golfer playing today. The swing in question is not only powerful but it appears fluid and in perfect balance. Memories of Rory's Masters meltdown just a few months ago at Augusta National have been forgotten completely. Appointments for golf lessons, especially by young or even beginning players should skyrocket today. Everybody is going to want to swing like Rory. PGA teaching pros are about to experience a huge resurgence in golf instruction.

In another piece of US Open golf news, Aaron Baddeley missed the cut. In contrast with McIlroy's "perfect" golf swing, Baddeley's swing may not be so wonderful in Johnny Miller's mind. Miller commented that Aaron had been using a technique that wasn’t highly accepted in golf. He was talking, of course, about the Stack and Tilt method. Since abandoning that particular technique and going back to basics, Baddeley's struggles have continued. 

It is an interesting dynamic when a successful PGA golfer like Baddeley abandons conventional golf teaching to explore unusual methods in order to improve. Even though Stack and Tilt competes with OVER THE TOP GOLF for attention in the golfing world, I loved the fact that a famous golfer would veer from the norm to try something different. If I wore hats, I would take mine off to Aaron and I wish him the best of luck in the future.

Which brings us to you, the amateur golfer looking to hit longer, straighter golf shots. As I mentioned, many will rush off to the nearest PGA pro who'll tell you that McIlroy's swing can be achieved by anyone willing to practice hard and keep up with lessons. Cha-ching as they say in Jersey. Lots of money will change hands but results will vary. Many lesson takers will improve somewhat. None of your golf swings, of course, will ever look like the second coming of young Rory.  Most of you, unfortunately, will become more confused than before.

Want a real chance at playing excellent golf? Have a desire to see your tee shots go twenty or thirty yards farther than they used to travel? Want a golf swing that makes you feel confident standing over the ball? Don't waste time and money trying to be Rory because it's not going to happen for 99% of you. Aim for something you can actually achieve. Buy my OVER THE TOP GOLF eBook, get the Stack and Tilt video or find a local golf teacher who has the integrity to admit that you will never, ever, ever have a golf swing like McIlroy's. Afterward, when you find yourself competing against one of those Rory wannabes; trust me, you will kick his ass.


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