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PARAMUS, New Jersey - Which do you suppose is the best golf blog? That's difficult to qualify. One reader might want to be entertained with golf humor while another likes reading about the stars of golf. Some readers search out informative type blogs. Golf instruction and golf travel blogs are popular as are those that feature course reviews and, naturally, expensive and unneccesary equipment.

Does being the best golf blog equate with being the #1 blog in golf? My particular blog has an ulterior motive which is to convince you to try my great OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. Not many of us do this for therapy alone. Some blogs have more advertisements than content on the page - see Average Golfer, the "aw shucks" and "I reckon" guy from upstate NY. They squeeze out content in exchange for the pennies that come their way every time you click on one of their advertisers' pretty boxes. My blog has no advertising, as you can plainly see. OVER THE TOP GOLF will never have as many readers as most others.  My articles  are here specifically to show you the way to the land of golf happiness.

I like funny golf blogs but there aren't that many of them. Most are as dry as toast. If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? One or two humorous entries can't hurt and as for those readers who'll think you are an idiot, who needs 'em? My neighbor has a circular driveway... He can't get out. You get the idea.

A very appealing photo of golfer Natalie Gulbis appeared in one golf blog. While sexy girls in bathing attire don't normally qualify as being golf-related, I'll cut these guys some slack. Just because it's Natalie - a true sweetheart. The name of another site is thegolfblog, I'm going to guess, from their name alone, that they would like to be known as the best golf blog as well. I will forgive their occasional side-trips into silliness (a Rachel Uchitel piece, for example) and must conclude that The Golf Blog is the perfect cocktail. A great mix of long stories and short, articles about golfers and articles about golf. Great photos and videos, no blaring, flashing advertisements, and archives that go back to January 2004 make The Golf Blog my choice for the best golf blog of them all.

Thanks to Steven Wright for the humor.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010



SARASOTA, Florida - Whenever I'm asked why I went through the trouble of creating a new and unconventional golf swing rather than continue taking lessons my reply is simple. Because I didn't have the talent to do what the teaching pros wanted me to do.

In fact, according to those same pros, about 90% of all golfers who learn golf from them will return with the same problems and then some. Like they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The obvious question is "why do teaching pros continue to insist that their students try to learn things that are beyond their capabilities? Most golfers can't master an inside-out swing path but almost all golf teaching pros or golf video instructors insist that their students perform it.  Golf instruction methods vary but the one constant is that every pro will attempt to "cure" your over the top golf swing.

For readers who aren't familiar with the "over the top" golf swing, it's the innate movement your mind and body does naturally in order to make you hit the golf ball. The swing path is "outside-in" rather than "inside-out" which is the preferred method.

Would that everyone could master the inside-out swing path. The painful truth is that few of us can. So where does that leave the student of the game who wants to improve?

These days, there are a number of new methods being taught by non-PGA pros. Golf videos abound and Over The Top Golf is just one of them. I suspect that many accounts of how these methods were created are similar. In my case, I knew that I would never correct my over the top swing. One must acknowledge the absence of golf teachers who would agree to teach the right way of doing something wrong so I was basically on my own. Whether it was divine intervention, dumb luck or what have you, I discovered the five set-up changes that allowed me to use my old "over the top" swing to drive the ball both longer and consistently straight. If you knew me you'd choose "dumb luck" but I prefer to think of it as the work of a higher power..

Played yesterday with a Canadian couple, Doug and Norma, really nice people. Doug commented that he'd never seen anyone go after the ball like me. At one point there was even a "Happy Gilmore" comparison. Well, let me tell you, subsequent to every one of the approximately fifty times I "went at it" my body was balanced and facing the target as if I was actually a good golfer. Had my twenty foot downhill birdie putt not lipped out on the 18th hole the day would have been perfect.

I would be remiss if I didn't return to the subject of this blog post, How to Stop Coming Over the Top. Want my honest opinion? If you are athletic, coordinated and have the time for lessons and practice, just go do it! There's no mystery. A teaching professional should be able to bring out the best in you.

If you aren't the ideal candidate, however, I suggest you take a few lessons, learn the basics like a proper grip, club selection and the rules of golf. Next, take your new swing out to the golf course and have fun. Then when you have a pretty good sense of your surroundings, start absorbing more at your own pace. Just remember, should you be among the 90%+ who swing over the top, there's only one method that will teach you how to swing over the top correctly. By coincidence, it's called OVER THE TOP GOLF.

go at it hard

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Maybe as a golfer, Steve Stricker is only #2, but in the category "Class Act," I cast my vote for Steve. Had I been the one who climbed back from a 300-something ranking to win at Riviera there would have been firecrackers going off everywhere. Not this dude, though. A humble trophy acceptance speech and some tears at the interviews showed his insides. Never happens with most of the image-conscious PGA pros. I sense carefully crafted responses when I listen to famous golfers. More than just their golf swings come from the same cookie-cutter.

Why am I writing about Steve Stricker or any pro golfer, for that matter? His swing doesn't come from what's on my golf eBook. One thing that Steve talked about impressed me and I'd like to pass it along. When briefly describing his rise from the ashes he spoke about needing to get away by himself so he could fix his golf swing. No teachers, no gurus and no pyschologists.

To me, the only golf swing you should want to possess is one that you understand completely. You may have had golf instruction but eventually, the ideal is to get to a place where you can identify problems and deal with them yourself. That's what Steve Stricker did and that's what you can do too!


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Monday, February 8, 2010


I have never met David Leadbetter but I can guarantee he couldn’t pull off that hotel corridor shot again for any money. Name your odds.

Are you thinking of taking lessons from Dave or perhaps buying one of Dave’s golf instruction aids? Feel like you’re ready? To take that hyper-leap from “decent golfer” to a land where only scratch golfers roam? The place where your pants and shirt need to be smartly pressed at all times? The holy hell where everyone you know is looking for strokes?

Write to my blog at to let us know how it all worked out. Oh, the humanity!

Doubtless, and I say this in all seriousness, there will be success stories. Chances are, and I also say this in all sincerity, you won’t be one of them. As a matter of fact, if you ask your pro, and I’m assuming Dave will agree, over 80% of golfers have the dreaded over the top swing. Furthermore (a word I never use but promise to in the future) they will tell you that without lessons and constant practice, YOU always will.

Getting back to Dave’s success stories, what a thrill to return from a trip to the Leadbetter Academy or the Haney Ranch or the Harmon Arms (I don’t actually know the proper names of any of these places) with a new arsenal of weapons to unleash against your fellow members and anyone who stands in your way at tournament time. Oops, there I go using second party. By “you” I’m not referring to YOU. Let’s acknowledge that these triumphs will be happening to someone else, not YOU.

In case you are wondering whether Frankie C from Over The Top Golf here in St. Lucie County could produce similar results given really, really talented players to work with, my answer is that I don’t know. Maybe I could but what’s germane to this article is that those guys already have and must be respected as great teachers. They are where you go if you’re already very good but would like to be great.

But if your aspirations are not as lofty and your goals remain within what you’re capable of doing you might want to consider other options. Remember my earlier reference to lessons and constant practice? That’s ground zero in making this decision. Dave, Hank, Butch and the rest of the professional golf-swing teaching world will recognize your lack of ability within seconds, possibly even as sooner. Still, they will attempt to instruct you as if your next stop will be a mini tour or the qualifier for a local senior event. You’ll come home, pull off some impressive shots for a while, and then because you don’t practice and/or keep up with your lessons it will all disappear only to be replaced by confusion.

What you need is what I needed. A method that optimizes your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. Since there wasn’t anything out there I went ahead and created it, thank you very much. Over The Top Golf is perfect for YOU simply because you are probably like me. You want to have confidence standing over the ball. You want straight shots and you want them to go farther. And you want a golf swing that you can adjust and fix yourself when necessary. It’s your own swing plus five easy set-up changes. Not rocket science and definitely not what you’ll learn from Dave. But maybe it’s just what YOU need to be the best YOU can be.


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