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FORT PIERCE, Florida - By definition, the word "optimization" means the act of rendering optimal. In mathematics and computer science, optimization, or mathematical programming, refers to choosing the best element from some set of available alternatives. Within each of these alternatives there are different sets of characteristics that enable them to work more efficiently or use fewer resources. Optimization is a structured, systematic process for assessing something and then improving its performance. Regarding the golf swing, golf equipment and the big picture, there must be success in some defined sense. Longer and straighter golf shots, solid contact. improved scoring and confidence are just some of them. My golf lesson, OVER THE TOP GOLF, is designed to get the most out of what you are capable of doing; to optimize your resources and make them more efficient.

Examples of optimization are hybrid cars which are an optimization of combustion engines. A popular, more recent term is SEO or Search Engine Optimization which improves a web site's ranking in the search engines and thus attracts more visitors. Since I'm writing about optimizing a specific thing, the golf swing, some related examples range from simple - like changing your grip, to complete renovations such as overhauling your entire swing through a series of lessons and practice regimens.

Knowledge and understanding are the first functions of golf instruction. Teaching golf is a sacred trust because the responsibility to the student is much more than the lesson. When a golf instructor realizes the existence of limitations, sometimes severe, he needs to provide an alternative method. Sadly, many golf professionals do not, preferring to ignore the obvious and press on with their agendas.

The OVER THE TOP GOLF swing is a method that works because it optimizes your golf swing rather than modifying it or forcing you start over. After making just five set-up changes you'll notice positive results right away. Building confidence through repetition encourages further experimentation that you will now be able to do on your own. The stress normally associated with change is non-existent because you are still using your own comfortable golf swing.

Two primary ingredients for success are motive and opportunity. Your motive might be to hit longer drives or straighter golf shots. Your opportunity is at the top-right corner of this blog, where you will find the icon that says "ORDER NOW."

If you are local to Fort Pierce, Florida, contact us about optimizing your golf swing. This golf instruction service is about improving your existing swing through five set-up changes. Traditional lessons will force you to start from scratch. The adjustment period after a lesson is so difficult that most golfers revert to old habits, usually more confused than ever. Once you learn the OVER THE TOP GOLF method you can start using it right away. The best part is that you'll never have to practice because, other than the five set-up changes, it's still basically your own swing.


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


HOLLYWOOD, California - Reminiscing about my old “conventional” golf swing…. I consider myself lucky not to have done a great deal of permanent damage to my body. How did my feet, knees, hips and back hold up under the stress of almost daily punishment? As everyone knows, the golf swing that most of us do is a series of unnatural movements requiring both balance and the proper firing order. When one part of the golf swing goes awry, other parts rush in to try and save the day. When all is said and done, the result for many of us is aches, pains, sprains and worse. Aggravating existing conditions such as arthritis, bursitis or tendonitis is no picnic.

In the golf swing, whether it is a conventional swing learned through golf lessons or the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing, your feet are your foundation. The mechanics of foot action during the conventional golf swing begin by creating movement away from the intended target. After the rotation of the torso, during the follow-through, foot pressure shifts forward to the outside of the leading foot. Ankle sprains, injuries to the small bones of the feet as well as the occurrence of blisters may present themselves as a result of improper swing mechanics. Use of ill-fitting orthotics also have adverse effects including impaired balance and increased pressure on the feet. Bad footwork and bad shoes are a formula for disaster on the golf course. Best case scenario: your feet will start hurting after twelve or thirteen holes. Worst case scenario: you don’t want to know.

The conventional golf swing also exerts pressure on your knees resulting in torn ligaments and sprains. Common remedies for knee pain range from ice to Cortisone injections to arthroscopic surgery. The use of a knee brace is sometimes helpful as is a good stretching regimen before and after practice and play.

The hips and lower back, as a result of the repeated rotational twisting during a conventional golf swing, are where most golf injuries occur. Disc problems are commonplace while lesser complaints such as aggravation of chronic conditions such as arthritis and persistent back pain seem almost normal in golfers over fifty.

The simplicity of the five set-up changes in the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing make it a difficult thing to talk about because, in reality, I could teach you my method over the phone or by writing a few short paragraphs. If I did that, of course, no one would really need to purchase my golf instruction DVD. However, in the interest of this medically significant article, I will divulge that one of the five set-up changes is a walk-through finish.

In addition to being one of the components necessary for the golfer to square the club face at impact, the walk-through finish serves to remove almost all of the stress that is normally associated with all conventional golf swings. Where I once teetered on an unsteady left foot at follow-through, I now have a finish that requires no balance and is as easy as, well…..walking! Where my lower back used to cry out for a day off once in a while, these days I never hear a whimper. After 18 holes I used to be tired and sore. Now, I’m usually looking forward to playing another nine.
strong medicine

Thanks to  Kirk Herring, DPM, and Kelli Pearson, DC

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina - It's not only higher handicap golfers who have an over the top golf swing. Along with those who want to fix their slice there are plenty of single-digit handicap golfers who have an outside-in swing path. Many of the folks who purchased my OVER THE TOP GOLF DVD remarked how they were accomplished players looking for something more in a golf lesson. There are even some pros on the PGA and other professional golf tours who have over the top golf swings, although less pronounced. My method can't help to cure it - only physical talent, lots of lessons and plenty of practice time can do that. Instead, OVER THE TOP GOLF is a method that teaches how to do it correctly. What does that mean? Well, my divots still fly left but the ball goes dead-straight and long. Just five set-up changes and, using your own swing, a dramatic improvement follows immediately. And the best part is the fact that little or no practice is necessary to maintain these good results. Learn this simple golf swing method and you own it.

The inside-out swing path can be attained although it takes dedication and effort. Most of us amateurs, unfortunately, either can't find the time or simply don't want to work that hard. The idea behind golf instruction is to find your golf ball in the middle of the fairway and then somewhere on the green. How you get there is up to you.

Bad habits are stronger than good habits because, while the positive effects of good will sustain you in the long run, unhealthy behavior provides immediate rewards. We place greater value on immediate gratification as opposed to being rewarded later on. Receptors and chemicals in the brain come to expect those immediate rewards resulting in a big win for temptation. That’s the reason so many golfers switch to the next “longest driver” every year or two.

The age-old request, “can I have my cake and eat it too” seems unattainable or so common sense and simple mathematics would tell us. But of course, I am here to differ. This is a golf instruction DVD that delivers the answer. From Junior Golf to Senior Golf, this golf video is indispensable. Once again, OVER THE TOP GOLF won’t make you stop coming over the top; rather, it enables you to take maximum advantage of what you do best. Women golfers aren’t an exception. You may be the fairer sex but while stepping up to the tee and booming a 250 yard drive might not seem ladylike, you’ll gladly take it.


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Saturday, January 1, 2011



My divots go left
But the ball goes straight
I named it Over the Top Golf
And it's great, great, great!

This whimsical poem was penned by yours truly as a tagline in my Twitter account. Not the usual stoic golf instruction stuff you generally read, it's true. Being on Twitter, though, makes me feel just a little bit nutty. Where is it written that in order to learn golf you can't have some fun along the way?

An outside-in golf swing is what sends those slabs of grass out to the left and, as many folks have heard, that's an over the top golf swing. The result of this geophysical combination is usually a slice which imparts a left to right spin on the ball. It's a great shot to know when you need to go around something like a tree. For most other golf-related applications, however, it's basically useless.

I'm apparently the first human to recognize the value and usefulness of  the bad habits most golfers possess. If you feel comfortable swinging the club around in a loop, consider that Ground Zero. It's now a positive because it's one of the things you do best. If you feel comfortable using an unconventional golf grip chalk it up as another plus. Like to use a wide stance? Why not? If it's comfortable it means it works for you. All you need now is the glue that bonds the whole package together and transforms it into an efficient golf swing - the five set-up changes from Over the Top Golf which you'll find in my golf instruction eBook.

I created the Over the Top Golf swing for the 90% of amateurs who have an outside-in swing and always will. My surprise was that the five set-up changes work wonders for everyone, not just slicers. In order to attain the "correct" inside-out swing path and employ it consistently you'll need two primary ingredients - periodic lessons and plenty of practice time at the range. If this describes you I think you'll succeed. Most of us don't have these ingredients. Oh yeah, let's not forget that golf lessons will cost the average economically-strapped man or woman a minimum of a thousand dollars over a couple of years – more if you have to drive any distance for your golf instruction.

Here's a revealing comment from a golf pro:

I teach golf. Hate to admit it but getting rid of an over the top swing is pretty impossible for 90% of amateurs. I have my methods but, like I wrote, only 10% of my students have the time and dedication to hone it. Pretty much any teaching pro will say the same thing. I also would like to warn anyone planning to buy one of the thousand "fix your over the top swing" videos that, unless you are a very dedicated practicer, whatever cure you learn will dissappear, along with half of your golf season.

Last year is over and, for most of you, many golf-less months lie ahead. Instead of dreaming of how you'll start crushing drives in April, why not insure that you'll actually be able to do it?

like buying golf swing insurance

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