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PORT ST LUCIE, Florida - At a local driving range, a friend of mine, a local teaching pro sits and wonders why nobody is taking golf lessons. Anybody either pulling in or driving by the range can see his offer of free lessons on the marquee.

Despite a brisk business in buckets and no shortage of whiffers, duffers and hackers, it seems that none of these folks have any desire to improve their golf swings - not even free of charge. Since when did  free golf lessons become something to avoid?

What's the psychology behind this phenomenon? Are most golfers simply resigned to playing poorly? I'm aware, of course, that the pro teaches conventional, PGA-type golf instruction. Could the difficulty of trying to learn a "proper" golf swing be a deterrent? Maybe most golfers possess an innate fear of embarrassing themselves during a golf lesson.

Our later conversation revealed that most of his business is with repeat customers - golfers who take semi-regular lessons. Most of the public using the driving range, however, showed practically zero interest. So how about offering free golf swing lessons at a golf course instead of a driving range? Would there be an increased interest there?

I decided to Google "free golf lessons." In order to eliminate most of the come-ons like World Golf Village's free lesson day, designed to attract consumers to it's open house - basically a forest of vendor tents, I tried local searches like "FREE GOLF LESSON, MIAMI, FLORIDA." Doral has a "Kids receive a free golf lesson when accompanied by an adult who is paying for a lesson" and Costa Greens offers a "Pay for six lessons and get one free" deal. Other than those, nothing else on the first two pages of Google search results. I decided to look for free golf lessons in a smaller place, searching "FREE GOLF LESSON, CANTON, OHIO." Thought for a moment I was skunked until I saw a ad reading "Free golf swing lessons from golf's greatest...." Unfortunately, that link took me to Maplecrest Golf Club and Shea Golf Lessons, neither of which mentioned anything resembling "free" in their listings.

And what did I find by Googling "FREE GOLF LESSON, PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA," where my friend's facility is located? There was no mention of free lessons at either his driving range or at any other golf course or driving range in the area. Looks like my friend, the golf pro, needs a lesson himself - in SEO that is.

Note to golfers....a free golf lesson is a good thing....go for it!


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011



TAMPA, Florida - Almost like magic, the world of mathematics can appear in our lives at almost any time. Having even a rudimentary feeling for geometry and physics - the reasons behind why the golf ball responds to our impact upon it - making it go where it goes - is important. A haphazard, over the top, or outside-in golf swing is subject to the same rules of physics and geometry as the in-balance, perfectly-timed, inside-out golf swing. Certain key elements are necessary to make it all work properly to allow it to provide maximum benefits or results.
My primary objectives in golf may differ from yours. While I like playing matches, your preference might be for tournament play. Some play golf for money, others for glory, and yet many others just for the fun of it. Golf is a great game but without a solid swing the overall experience is a lot less satisfying.

Objective #1 is accuracy because attempting to score well from woods, hazards and tall grass isn't germaine to the program whether your playing for money or not. The OVER THE TOP GOLF swing primarily works toward achieving this. Straight is good. Are the physical and geometric alignments of your golf swing counterproductive? Don't feel inadequate. Almost 90% of amateur golfers need some form of golf swing optimization.

Objective #2 is distance mainly because using a shorter club for an approach shot almost always results in better accuracy. If your tee shots lag behind your opponents' or the others in your group your only two choices are to pull a hybrid or long iron; essentially courting disaster, or playing three to the green, a safer choice, however now a birdie will beat you every time. OVER THE TOP GOLF puts power into your golf game which instills confidence that you can hit almost any shot. It's just a matter of changing your set-up to take maximum advantage of your natural talents.

Objective #3 is the ability to scramble. This not only applies to golf course management but also you your golf swing itself. Just like getting yourself out of trouble on the course, you need to know how to fix your swing when it goes awry - and be able to do it quickly! In the case of the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing, there are just five set-up changes to keep in mind. Hence, it's a simple matter to correct your swing before doing too much damage. No lessons, swing coaches or golf pros necessary.

Conventional golf swings have specific requirements as to timing, balance, swing planes, etc. that, when learned correctly and performed properly, are a beautiful thing. That's why we pay to watch the Rory McIlroy's of the world. But these are difficult things to learn and maintain. For most of us, let's just say it's impossible.

That's why I created the OVER THE TOP GOLF SWING. I might not hit it as far or as straight as Rory but I hit it a lot farther and straighter than I ever did before and that's good enough for me. Would that be good enough for you? Well then, you know what to do next.


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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


FORT PIERCE, Florida - Your club's annual member-member golf tournament is just weeks away but you find yourself playing like crap. Even if there was time for some golf instruction, will it work or possibly make things take a horrible turn for the worse? A golf lesson can only do so much in a short amount of time, that is, unless it's my OVER THE TOP GOLF swing you are planning to learn.

Ask yourself whether it's possible for you to be hitting long, low drives that split the fairway each time. For many of us, such a scenario is hard to imagine but it's not only likely that you'll see great results but also that they will happen quickly.

A golfer who hits a slice or a weak fade, to use an example, can hit them one after another with great regularity. Have a lack of distance? Whatever you are doing in your golf swing to cause this is also something you do consistently. Of course, you want to cure these deficiencies and I'm guessing that you've tried. But for the most part you can't achieve good results by correcting your swing. "EXCUSE ME?" Yep, you read that correctly. Fix your deficiencies without fixing your golf swing.

OVER THE TOP GOLF isn't a golf lesson nor is it golf instruction. I like to call it "Golf Swing Optimization" which, translated, means using your presently ugly, ineffective golf swing, adding five set-up changes and becoming a 100% better golfer literally overnight.

This comment appears after my earlier post about golf swing mechanics.

Frankie C,

More of a promo for your swing than a comment, this article made a lot of sense so I bought your eBook.

It's a new me who shows up at the pro shop on Saturday morning. The thought of playing golf with someone new used to frighten me. Now I look forward to it, not only because of the shots I can hit now but its also fun answering questions about my Over the Top Golf swing.

Glad I read this article way back when and hope it inspires others to gain both yardage and confidence as I did.


you will get questions....
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