Monday, March 21, 2011


ORLANDO, Florida - Whenever golfers talk about curing a fade or a slice in the golf swing, many of them start gushing like fountains of wisdom. Tap rooms of golf clubs everywhere are full of wise old timers who used to hit perfect draws every time. In addition to this local knowledge, multitudes of other fixes and corrections can be found with a simple Google search. So why do we continue to hit fades and slices when we know that drawing the golf ball is so much more effective?

For those who aren't familiar with the terms "fade, slice and draw," their descriptions are as follows:

FADE: A high golf shot that looks nice coming off the cub but starts to run out of gas as it turns meekly to the right. Playing a round of golf with this type of shot guarantees that you'll swing too hard. In doing so, using a conventional golf swing, you'll lose the balance and timing necessary to hit even a decent version of a fade.

SLICE: Useful only as a WMD. The awesomeness of the well-struck slice is like nothing else in golf, not even the screaming duck hook. Slices are responsible for more injuries to golfers in adjacent fairways, putting on practice greens, lunching on patios and swimming in clubhouse pools than any other type of golf shot.

DRAW: A beautiful sight to see is a golfer splitting the fairway with a running right-to-left draw. The only drawback to drawing is having to wait for the rest of your foursome to hit on every hole.

OVER THE TOP GOLF is a method that uses five set-up changes to turn your weak fade into a powerful draw. I call it "Golf Swing Optimization" because it works with your own existing swing instead of making you learn anything new. Golfers who hit a slice benefit even more because they tend to think less while swinging the golf club. With OVER THE TOP GOLF you can go after the ball just about as hard as you want.

Today was special for me because I happened upon the great Arnold Palmer who was doing a show on Golf Channel. As he sat there with Kelly Tilghman, talking about golf, regripping clubs, playing a few holes with grandson Sam Saunders, it was obvious that he felt regret that playing even decent golf was now out of reach. Mr. Palmer observed that his preferred shot was a draw but instead, his ball flight, far too often, was a fade.

It's impossible to play competitive golf if you are out of position and by consistently fading the ball, unless you have all eight cylinders firing in the proper order and can fade one out there 250 yards plus, you will be out of position. Especially for older golfers and women, who don't have a cannon at their disposal, a draw shot is necessary, even critical, to success and happiness on the golf course.



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